I'm having difficulties setting up a multilingual site. The main difficulty being the menus.

Until now, I have had one Main Menu, where I was placing all links. There was a problem though with active trails. So I decided to try out a separate menu approach suggested by this article, with fixed language per each. Now I seem to have problem with Views installing their menu items for page displays. Even though I set the menu item for a given language it does not appear.

Now, please tell me - does having fixed-language menus mean that my View has to have separate page displays per each language with a fixed language filter? Or is there a sneakier way to go? I have i18nviews module installed but it does not seem to help here.


This thread should help you. In short, you should have a "current language" filter in your view, and then use Translation Sets and Path Translations to map each urls.

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