This question is somewhat similar to this one: Organic groups automatic audience selection - only I am using FormBlock module to create OG content from within the home page of the group. I don't want the user to select which group they are posting into - I want it to default to the current group context.

Another layer of complexity is that I'm using QuickTabs - each tab has a different formblock. So I am not making a call to the node/add form. I simply want the current OG context to default as the new content's audience.

Anyone have any ideas?

I like the idea of using a Rule and have tried but can't seem to get the rule to accept a proper data selector using: Event=Before Saving Content, Condition=Content is of a Certain Type, - the Action is what is tripping me up. I'm trying to use the Action of OG - Add Entity to Group.

  • I just figured this out - I had to use the following Action: Entity=Node, Group=Site:Current-group - YES - works like a charm!
    – Terry
    Dec 26, 2012 at 11:41


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