I would like to keep track of the number of times users request that their password be reset to make sure that users are able to reset their password successfully. I am getting reports a couple of times a month that users are experiencing difficulty resetting their passwords; to see how common this is, I want to see if users are requesting their password be reset several times in a row (within the same day).

To do this, I was thinking of e-mailing myself every time a user requests that their password be reset. My first instinct was to do this with Rules, but there is no Event like "When a user requests that their password be reset."

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Note, in user_pass_submit

watchdog('user', 'Password reset instructions mailed to %name at %email.', array('%name' => $account->name, '%email' => $account->mail));

There's already a watchdog log entry created when the user requests a password reset.

Perhaps you can simply monitor the watchdog log at

Admin > Reports > Recent log entries?


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