How can I make CSS classes that can be added to content in a WYSIWYG style in the edit view?

I've added the following 'CSS classes' and I've used my site's normal CSS to float them left and right respectively and give them a width of 51%:


When I save the node this works fine. However in the editor the styles are not shown. How can I make them show up?

  • In the WYSIWYG configuration you can tell it what CSS files to use within the editor. You simly create a CSS file with the rules needed. I know this works for wysiwyg+ckeditor, i'm uncertain what editor you're using ....
    – tenken
    Jan 2, 2013 at 17:27

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As @tenken says, on the WYSIWYG profile edit page, under the 'CSS' panel, in the 'CSS path' filed you can link to a CSS file to be used on the edit view.


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