Is there a way I can see what exactly is being executed on a Rules Event of 'Content is viewed', followed by an action of page redirect to an external URL? Specifically if the content is actually being viewed, and then redirected.

I tried Devel viewing the query log and I didn't find anything. I also tried Devel's Display redirection page, but upon visiting the node, it just timed out.

Using rules event 'Content is viewed', then redirecting, I am still able to get a log message that says I visited that node, so I believe it is loading the node, then redirecting.

This concerns me because when I test other methods of node redirects to external URLs, I don't get a log message saying that I visited that node.

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I struggled with a similar question ... The "clue" about what "Content is viewed" actually means, seems to be like so:

  • The event Content is viewed is what it is: the user has (already) started viewing the content.

  • The (system) event Drupal is initializing is what you should use instead (possible combined with other Events and/or Actions), if you want to trigger some Rules "Action(s)" BEFORE the user can start viewing (= looking at) the content.

For more details, and a working sample (in Rules 'export format'), refer to How to specify a Rules event like "Content is 'going to be' viewed"?

Be aware: this applies to D7 ... and D6 is another story.

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