On a Drupal 6 site, I struggle with some persistent spammer who uses different tricks to escape any regexp spam filters. Whenever I delete him, he always uses certain email provider (e.g. [email protected]) to register again.

So I am wondering how can I disalow blablamail.com altogether so that either users can not register with this email provider, or better, they can not post anything after registration?

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You can add access rules from admin/user/rules.

The help for that administration page says:

Set up username and e-mail address access rules for new and existing accounts (currently logged in accounts will not be logged out). If a username or e-mail address for an account matches any deny rule, but not an allow rule, then the account will not be allowed to be created or to log in. A host rule is effective for every page view, not just registrations.

Keep in mind the rules use the SQL regular expression, which means that:

  • % matches any number of characters, even zero characters
  • _ matches exactly one character
  • Great! So I added a 'deny' email rule and entered '%@blablamail.com'. Now no one can register with this email. Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!
    – Levox
    Jan 5, 2013 at 22:29

You can create an access rule and deny creating an account or logging in with an account that matches certain criteria.

Go to admin/user/rules and add a new rule. In your case, the access type should be deny, rule type should be e-mail, and the mask can be '%@blablamail.com' for instance. You can test your new access rule by clicking on the Check rules tab afterwards.

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