I am testing few drupal-6 themes for my blog and I observe that the drop-down menus in one theme does not show in another theme. I am specifically testing with Blogbuzz and Jackson. In my case, Blogbuzz shows the drop-down menus whereas Jackson does not. I have ticked the expanded options in the menues primary links in both cases, but I dont see the dropdown menus in Jackson. How can i make the jackson theme to show me the dropdown menus?


The Jackson project page says:

jQuery for Superfish and pngFix (optional): In order to use the styles created for the Superfish drop-down menus and to fix the IE6 transparent png issue, you will need to download the following files and add them to the Jackson > scripts folder which you will need to create.

Please note primary links can be created and are styled to work without drop-down navigation.

The following scripts are to be added only if you would like to use drop-down navigation on your website, or if you would like transparent images to display correctly for IE6.

jQuery pngFix Plugin by Andreas Eberhard jQuery Superfish Plugin by Joel Birch

By default, it is set not to use drop-downs.


I tested several modules and finally opted by writing the menu in PHP, which reads directly from the Drupal system. You can check the following object and its properties:

$a = menu_tree_output( menu_tree_page_data("main-menu") );
foreach($a as $key => $value){ ... modify... write...each link ... }

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