I've searched a little and I needed to add newsletter functionality to a Drupal 7 installation. I've found Simplenews, which is in Beta version for Drupal 7 nothing more. I don't need anything really complicated, just these functionalities:

  • Guest user can subscribe to newsletter by leaving their email address in a field
  • Registered users can tick a checkbox in their profile to choose whether to receive newsletters
  • Users can unsubscribe from newsletter by clicking a link in the newsletter
  • A WYSIWYG editor for sending newsletters (but, I think this can be accomplished with the WYSIWYG module)

nothing more. If any of you tried the development version of Simplenews, please provide your experience.

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Simplenews is really your only way of going. I have personally been holding off on it's implementation in 7 because of its state as well. More specifically, emails were not being sent (test ones were) and it's lack of mimemail support.


There is also a module called Newsletter which might be ok, have a more user centric UI (all the features are on a panels not spread out like in Simplenews). Newsletter can also handle multiple newsletter lists and also have a more complex form for collecting the data: e.g you can gather up the subscriber names, age, sex etc.


You can also use MailChimp module. It's does what you described and it free for the first few members (can't remember how many users.)

This module provides integration with MailChimp, a popular email delivery service. The module makes it easy for website users or visitors to control which of your email lists they want to be on (or off), lets you generate and send MailChimp email campaigns from your site, and lets you and your users view a history of emails they have been sent from MailChimp. More generally, it aspires to makes your email delivery world efficient and to make your user's email receipt and control simple and precise. Thanks to MailChimp's ongoing sponsorship, this module is actively maintained and regularly adding features.

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