I am building a multi-step form. For one of the steps, I have some required fields. When the user goes back, I'm skipping the validation, but it gets hung up on my required fields. Is there a way to disable or ignore my required fields so my user can go back a step?

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Yes, you can use


Used by: button, image_button, submit

Description: Provides an array of sections which are parts of $form_state['values'] which should be validated, implying that sections which are not listed should not be validated.

This is normally used in multistep forms in the case of a "back" button, for example, where '#limit_validation_errors' => array() would mean not to validate anything as form values on the current page are to be discarded anyway.

#limit_validation_errors does not have any effect if #submit is not set. More discussion is in the form_set_error() documentation.

Values: array indicating sections of the $form_state['values'] which should be validated.


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