I am having a problem getting some regex to work in Drupal. The below regex works fine:

 $test = "1111~~test1<>2222~~test2<>3333~~test3<>44444~~test4<>11112~~test5";
 $regex = '/~~(.*?)(<>|$)/';
 $matches = array();
 $test = implode(', ', $matches[1]);

But when I try to use this to parse the contents of $items[0]["#markup"] in my field file it does not work, even though the content of that field are the same (look at it through print_r). This code works inside the tpl file, but as soon as I replace $test with $items[0]["#markup"] it stops working, does anyone know why this could happen?

EDIT: I think part of the issue is that regex in Drupal may not work with <> tags?


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Yep, the issue was I couldn't use the <> symbols. Have to use &lt and &gt instead.

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