How can I better protect access to all site reports within /admin/reports/ (except for Recent log messages)? I know I can hide it through CSS or disable the menu in management menu, but is there a better way to disable it?

I have these role defined (apart from Anonymous and Authenticated):

  • System Developer (can view all reports).
  • Admin (can only view 'Recent log messages').

Is there any Drupal function or hook that I can use to reach my goal?

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Remove the permission for "Admin" to "access site reports" at

Admin > People > Permissions.

Add hook_menu_alter to a custom module, this part changes the access permission for the admin/reports/dblog menu path

 * Implements hook_menu_alter
function MYMODULE_menu_alter(&$items){
  // Allow access for administrator role to recent log entries
  // Use suitable permission here, e.g editorial "administer nodes"
  $items['admin/reports/dblog']['access arguments'] => array('administer nodes'), 

Clear menu cache, done.


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