Is it possible to create a link using Drupal's l() function without an href? For example, I'd like to create a link like the following:

<a name="my-anchor">A link here</a>

However, this seems to not be possible. The closest I can come is to use the following:

l(t('A link here'), '', array('external' => TRUE, 'attributes' => array('name' => 'my-anchor')));

This outputs:

<a href name="my-anchor">A link here</a>

... and that's not valid HTML. It also causes slightly strange behavior in some browsers depending on the CSS applied...

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Sadly this cannot be accomplish with the l function because the href is hard-coded in the theme_link theme function.

You can accomplish this by using the html_tag theme function.

It'll look something like this

return theme('html_tag', array('element' => array('#tag' => 'a', '#value' => 'A link here', '#attributes' => array('name' => 'my-anchor'))));

This will return

<a name="my-anchor">A link here</a>

Is a bit more work, but it does give you a properly formatted a tag with out the href.


It cannot be done with l() only, since the href attribute is hard-coded in theme_link().

You could, however, override this them function, and add an extra key to the options array (something like 'anchor' => TRUE').

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I don't believe you can create an <a> tag with Drupal without the href attribute. Doing so would be invalid HTML as href is a required attribute for <a> tags so it is not something I would suggest doing anyways.

Why don't you create a tag with href="#"or something similar?


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