I use drupal 6 and ubercart 2.

I would like to change position of the checkout button on checkout/review page to the top or possibly to duplicate it (it is currently on the bottom of the page which is not very user friendly) I found a function in uc_cart.pages.inc called

function theme_uc_cart_checkout_review($panes, $form)

Inside on the bottom I found the code for review button

$output .= '<tr class="review-button-row"><td colspan="2">'. $form

However, moving the code above the table code, breaks whole page. (I tried this inside the .inc file, because adding the function inside template file, I got an error) What would be the correct way of achieving my task? Thank you

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your better off targeting the checkout button via CSS than mess with ubercarts tables on checkout as the $form contains all of the other code which you would need to parse to extract the button and apply it somewhere else.

Just do a position: absolute on the button.

If your CSS isn't up to par, then I would parse the $form variable and preg_replace() it out. You'll need to have good regex skills to grab it.

  • Thank you, css positioning never came to my mind. That is enough for my needs.
    – loparr
    Commented Jan 14, 2013 at 22:53

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