On a new drupal 7 installation, I'm trying to get line breaks to show up correctly when saved. I have wysiwyg and tinymce installed through using the panopoly distribution. When I try to do more space after a paragraph (by hitting enter twice), it will generate two empty paragraph tags, such as <p></p><p></p>. This however won't provide the needed space as they are empty. In an earlier (drupal 6) project, when I tested this behavior it would insert paragraphs with &nbsp; in them which correctly displayed the line breaks. For example: <p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Is there any way to get this behavior back in Drupal 7?

I've played around with the wysiwyg settings, and text formats, but I can't find a combination of settings that will work.

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It turns out this has something to do with the "WYSIWYG filter" under text formats (admin/config/content/formats). Disabling this gave my non-breaking space back. You would probably want to adjust the configuration rather than just turning it off.


The followin setup works in my Drupal 7 TinyMCE configuration:

  1. Turn off the WYSYWIG filter on the admin/config/content/formats page.
  2. Configure the 'Limit Allowed HTML tags' filter to allow for


Note: Filters are configured at admin/config/content/formats/MY_FILTER_NAME



Drupal 6: Removed the CHARACTER REPLACEMENT "?" FOR NON-BREAKING-SPACE TAG in P tags from wysiwyg. The empty p tags were formerly placed to denote a change of line, however Drupal wysiwyg automatically adds a NON-BREAKING-SPACE TAG which thereby fail to display properly and thus be replaced with the CHARACTER REPLACEMENT "?"

Drupal 7: No nbsp tag but empty p tags

Working Solution:

$to_filter = array('bloc_1_delta', 'bloc_2_delta', 'bloc_3_delta', 'bloc_4_delta');
if (in_array($vars['block']->delta, $to_filter)) {
    $vars['block']->content = str_replace("<p></p>", "<br/>", mb_convert_encoding($vars['block']->content, 'HTML-ENTITIES', 'UTF-8'));

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