I have a multilingual site with 3 enabled languages. Default language is English I've only setup my language options to use the "Session" detection method. I dont to use URL language options. when i create node in English node and set pathauto for url with token [node:author]/[node:content-type]/[node:nid]

is work in default language only when i switch language to another this token is not work. for example when i create node in another language this path not work.

http://example.com/reza/news/324 this does not work (this node is created in arabic site) http://example.com/ar/reza/news/324 this works but i don't want to user this url i want use this example http://example.com/reza/news/324?lan=ar

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The problem was resolved: When we create a new content type, the "Multilingual support" in "Publishing options" should be set to "Enabled, with translation."

screenshot screenshot

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