I wrote a custom javascript thing for the Views module but I'm not sure how to go about publishing this on drupal.org.

I know there are a lot of requirements, but what are the steps to be completed and where to publish (contribute) this module?

It seems daunting since I never contributed a module before.

  • Should you open a new project? Or maybe it's easier to add it to an existing project? The Drupal Ladder project will be extremely helpful as it contains step by step tutorials on involvement on the drupal community and adding code to existing projects. – Druvision Jan 23 '13 at 10:18

The main pages you need to read are Best practices for creating and maintaining projects and Project application checklist. If you have never done this before, you need to read Creating a sandbox (experimental) project

In short, you need to

  • Obtain git access on drupal.org
  • Create your sandbox project
  • Commit your code
  • Submit it for review
  • If approved, it will be promoted to be a full project

Keep in mind that your project will likely never be officially reviewed unless you get a review bonus. Participating in other reviews is also a good way to learn about best practices so you can get through the initial review smoothly.

  • Please make sure to run everything through ventral before trying to publish it - ventral.org – David Meister Jan 23 '13 at 13:30

An alternative for most of the steps in the procedure described in the first answer, is to find an existing project (namespace) that is obsolete, unsupported or looking for a new maintainer.

After you found a project that might fit (e.g. with a relevant namespace), the process to become the new maintainer typically takes between a few hours and about 2 weeks at max.

For way more details on that, refer to my answer to "Are there any alternatives to applying for a full project on drupal.org?".

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