I currently have a Drupal 7 site set up to allow users with the Doctor role to create users with the Patient role, via admin/people/create.

Does Drupal store data about which user created a specific account? If the answer is yes, how can I display this information in a view?


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You have to create a custom module for this.

  • First you have to add a user field here admin/config/people/accounts/fields. Add a field that will check whether the user has been created by user with role "doctor". A boolean field would suffice. Mark the field as non-mandatory
  • Create a custom module. This module will provide an interface that only the users with role "doctor" can access. In the interface provide a button, clicking that button will create user with role "patient", also flag the field you created above.
  • Now in views create a page or block that will display the users, in the filter criteria of the view check whether the boolean field is flagged for that user.

On admin/reports/dblog, if you filter the log messages by type, and select "user" as log type, you see who created a user.

  • The "Message" column will contain a message starting with "New User"
  • The "User" column will contain a link to the user account of who created the user, or it will not contain a link when the user has not been created from a logged-in user

created from a logged-in user

created from an anonymous user

The same is true for who deleted a user account, as visible in the first screenshot.

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