By using core module poll, every time somebody participates in it, the poll module creates data representing the selected option of the poll, called 'poll results'.

How can these poll results be transformed using the views module? By creating a view and using a relationship to poll results, I only get 0, no matter what.

After I succeed in showing some tabular format of these results, I want to further enhance this view to display these poll results using some 3rd party charting app. This by using some charting module with views integration, which uses a charting library as its rendering engine.

Thank you


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About this phrase in the question:

display poll results using 3rd party charting app

To create charts in Drupal, consider the comparison of charting modules as a possible place to start from, to find the module that best fits your needs. That comparison includes the following: "Poll Chart Block displays poll's results in a block, with a selectable chart type, and using the Chart module." So it looks like what you're trying to achieve already exists as a contributed module, no?

Be aware: I'm a new (co-) maintainer of Chart, and the author of the comparison of charting modules.

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