I want to create a view displaying the recent content posted by users along with their respective pictures. I am able to Create the view displaying recent content but how to display the respective user picture who created the content along side the content.

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Add a relation ship of the type content:author and use that relationship to add the user profile image.

Hope that helps.

EDIT : A description as per the comment

1) From RELATIONSHIPS(This would be in the advanced section on the right side) click on add. it will bring up a list of fields that you can add.

2) Add the Content: Author relation ship.

3) Now When you try to add the a field additional fields would be displayed related to the user you can select User: Picture. The relationship author should be select.

  • Thanks for the fast reply...can u tell me how do i use the relationship content:authot to add the user profile image
    – why
    Jan 18, 2013 at 9:47

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