I want to add image icons for Facebook, Twitter etc with associated links and Join Us hyperlink like Join Us to the user registration email.

Can anyone give me idea?

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you can create and send system html emails using mimemail module and a wysiwyg editor http://drupal.org/project/mimemail (or even http://drupal.org/project/htmlmail )


You can control the content of registration emails through the Drupal admin interface...
D6: http://example.dev/admin/user/settings
D7: http://example.dev/admin/config/people/accounts

There are a number of different templates for various emails sent out to users. By default, these emails are in plain text. You'll need a module (like HTML Mail) to enable sending HTML emails. Then, you should be able to edit any of the built-in user email templates to include images and links.

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