I have found a jquery code which animates colors. I made a fiddle from it (after minor change), and it's working perfectly on jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/kFuzp/

Unfortunately, it's not working on my Drupal site. I have JQuery Update module and updated to 1.8, using jQuery CDN. The code (as in jsfiddle) is inserted using drupal_add_js ($script1, 'inline') in mytheme_preprocess_page(). When I debug the code in Chrome, it just runs (I can observe how the color_index changes etc using breakpoints). But the <p> background color is always white.

By the way, when I change the animation property to { opacity: color_index/7 } then the opacity animation is working (slowly) both in jsfiddle and in Drupal.

Why it's not working in Drupal and how to fix it?

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I was also having the same problem once, I was doing an animation in color change. It was not working for me in Drupal, however for some reason I do not know the color change animation was working when I was logged in as administrator(with admin_menu installed), while as authenticated and anonymous user it was not working.

I used jQuery.Color() plugin and it worked for me. Its written in jQuery.animate() documentation:

All animated properties should be animated to a single numeric value, except as noted below; most properties that are non-numeric cannot be animated using basic jQuery functionality (For example, width, height, or left can be animated but background-color cannot be, unless the jQuery.Color() plugin is used). Property values are treated as a number of pixels unless otherwise specified. The units em and % can be specified where applicable.

Hope that helps!


It sounds like you're having a problem with your jQuery selector.

Are you using changing the properties for all paragraphs? Or just a particular one? Or a class?

Below are the selectors for each option respectively:




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