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I have a view, format: table; and a few fields:

  1. Bulk operations: Content
  2. Content: Title
  3. Content: Price
  4. Content: Stock 1 (Stock 1)
  5. Content: Stock 2 (Stock 2)
  6. Content: Stock 3 (Stock 3)
  7. Global: Math expression (Total Stock)
  8. Global: Math expression (Total Price)

At Configure field: Bulk operations: Content section SELECTED BULK OPERATIONS i selected Delete item and another 3 options (rules components). These are: new_value_for_stock_1, new_value_for_stock_2, new_value_for_stock_3, new_value_for_price.

Admin user can see all these options (rules components), but a non-admin user (eg. an editor role) can see only Delete item.

Is there a method (trick) to give permissions for a non-admin user (role)?

I enabled Actions permissions (VBO) and in Administration » People » Permissions are displayed only default actions (eg. EXECUTE Delete item). The custom rules components aren' displayed there.

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  • If you give 'Bypass content access control' permission to a non-admin user, he'll be able to see these custom rules components. – Ionut Adrian Luchian Jan 29 '13 at 7:57
  • 1
    Granting the above permission is very dangerous as allows unrestricted access to add/edit/delete content ^ You just need to check the "Configure access for using this component with a permission" as milkovsky answered below. – David Thomas Feb 2 '14 at 22:33

You can set permissions on rule component page in fieldset at the page bottom.

There is an option "Configure access for using this component with a permission."

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