I have a requirement to return a list of content types accessible to a user in JSON format using services module.

I have followed this approach:

  1. Used Content Access Control module to set the access permission to a particular role to which the user belongs.
  2. Set up a custom resource type for the services module to send the content list in JSON format.
  3. Implemented oauth to authorize the request.
  4. I could send all the content types present in the drupal setup using my custom resource for services module.

Now I want to check the permissions as declared by the Content access module for a role to access the content types.

I am a beginner with drupal and php programming. I am just trying to ready a module which communicates with my android client. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I followed RajeevK's advice to get the list of permissions from the role_permission table (actually I accessed this using phpmyadmin inerface).

But the permissions declared by the content_access module such as view any <content-type> content are not listed in the role_access.

Since I have accepted the answer here, I will spawn a new thread and rephrase this question.

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Good. I hope you are using D7.

So lets start with the finding the machine name of the permission which get saved with the user_role when you enable the permission for particular user type.

These are them -

administer services, get any binary files, get own binary files, save file information, get a system variable, set a system variable, perform unlimited index queries.

Get you RID from the table ROLE by searching your NAME.ROLE


List anywhere and do what you want...

Enjoy :)

  • Suggestions from @RajeevK helped me to get the list of permissions, I am working on the module will report back asap.
    – Supreethks
    Jan 23, 2013 at 12:28

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