I have search but not found so I need to ask.

I need a module that permit to my users to load a video into the node add form and this video need to be loaded into my youtube/vimeo page.

Is there? Please...



A combination of following modules would do what you want

  1. Media

The Media module provides an extensible framework for managing files and multimedia assets, regardless of whether they are hosted on your own site or a 3rd party site - it is commonly referred to as a 'file browser to the internet'.

Media is a drop-in replacement for the Drupal core upload field with a unified User Interface where editors and administrators can upload, manage, and reuse files and multimedia assets. Any files uploaded before Media was enabled will automatically take advantage of the many of the features it comes with.

  1. Media: YouTube

Media: Youtube integrates with the Media module to make Youtube videos available as file entities.

Users can add Youtube videos to their site in a file field or insert them into a WYSIWYG area by pasting the video's URL into the media browser web tab. Formatter options are available to customize the Youtube player's appearance, show the video preview image, and enable the Javascript API. The 2x branch is under active development and uses the Youtube iframe embed that can serve HTML5 videos to mobile devices.

  1. Media Mover

This is the module that would do what you have asked. I have highlighted the point you have asked

Media Mover is a set of modules which allows website administrators to easily create complex file conversion processes. The core of Media Mover is the media_mover_api module which creates a set of rules allowing multiple modules to interact with a file. Media Mover can take a file emailed to an email account, turn a file attachment into an FLV file, create a new node with the file data, and then save the file on an external file storage system like Amazon's S3 all at once. And that's just the start.

What you can do The core set of Media Mover modules offers lots of options for someone manipulating rich media.

  • get attachments from an email account
  • get attached files from nodes of a specified type
  • get files from previously harvested files
  • get files from CCK filefield and imagefield fields
  • get files from a FTP server, provide file tokens for user authentication as well
  • create a thumbnail from a video file with ffmpeg
  • transcode video files into web friendly (and other) formats
  • compress a file with zip
  • move a file to Amazon's S3 service
  • attach file back to node
  • save file and related data as a node
  • add a file to a CCK filefield or imagefield
  • save a file to YouTube
  • Unfortunately, Media Mover relies on another module to save a file to YouTube. That module hasn't been ported to Drupal 7 yet. – merauluka Dec 17 '13 at 0:30

There is another light weight module which does the same thing well. https://www.drupal.org/project/youtube_uploader

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