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I am getting duplicate nodes every time I try to do a rollback/update. Is it because they are triggered when users visit the page (instead of me), or does it have something to do with my MigrateSQLMap?

EDIT I have come up with a sort of workaround for this: I need to, instead of doing a rollback/migrate, I need to do something like what I outlined below. I just don't know how to put it together. Each source item in the XML has an ID, which I have/will import ad the field_sourceid in the node.

Here are the steps I need:

  1. Grab all source IDs of the nodes and source IDs of the XML
  2. Check them against each other:

    • If the node's SourceID isn't matched in the XML, that means that node is expired. Delete it.
    • If there is a Source ID in the XML but nothing matching in the nodes, then this is a new node. Import it.
    • If the SourceID exists in the XML, we have a current node. Update it.

It was my understanding that you could not declare prepareRow() when you use XMLMigration. What do I do then? It seems like I need something like that here.

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