Say, for example, I want to customize the edit user page, so I have created a user-profile.tpl.php. Is there a way to echo out what the page would be normally? What variables should I have access to?

I have tried var_dumping $node, $form, $page, $content, and $user_profile and all but the last are null...

print render($user_profile); results in a list of profile fields, but not the edit-user page that I get without the tpl file.. (where you can change password, email, etc.

I'm curious for pages/nodes/etc in general, not just this particular one. It's an issue I always struggle with.

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    drupal.org/node/1089656 should get you started, but if you are trying to modify what your user edit page would look like WITH a template, you'd use something along the lines of page--user--edit.tpl.php
    – Jimajamma
    Jan 24, 2013 at 23:25

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To see the array $var / $variable -

echo "<pre>";
print_r($var); //or $variable whichever is applicable.
echo "</pre>";

This will output the entire $var/$variable array in structured manner and you can find out all the data available in your tpl.

Hope that is of some help...

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    You can also add a preprocess function and declare your own variables there in $var['example_var'] = something and that will be available in your tpl as $example_var.
    – SGhosh
    Jan 25, 2013 at 9:18

You can simply open the default template (modules/user/user-profile.tpl.php in this case).

The comment at the top of the file should show the variables availible to you.

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