I would like to have 2 pages: - http://domain.com/search-1 - http://domain.com/search-2

Where search-1 is limited to results of contenttype blog and search-2 is limited to results of contenttype news.

I've been looking for contrib modules but cannot find anything. Please help me out, thanks.

Cheers, Wietse


First, I would consider to use Views along with exposed filters to create your special "search" pages. E.g. create a view which only lists blog entries and then add a filter for body text to it.

My next approach would be the Search API module along with the Search API Page module.

Last but not least, you always can write a module for that. ;) I would take a look at different search modules which already implement additional search pages.

  • Thanks Paul, the search API page module will help me out. – wsluimer Jan 28 '13 at 15:57

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