I have a Drupal 6 website with Ubercart 2 and the "Delivery time slots for Ubercart" module installed, and I have created a View to pull a custom report of order info. I need for that report to also include the delivery time slot chosen by the shopper on each order, but that module apparently does not have Views integration. Is there a way for me to pull the time slot value (and/or any other arbitrary database field that related to the other data I am pulling in, I assume based on the order ID) for each order into the view?

I appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

  • You can actually describe any table in your database to Views in a custom module (the equivalent of "providing views integration"). If you're comfortable with PHP you may find this helpful: grasmash.com/article/… – Charlie Schliesser Jan 28 '13 at 17:39

You can try out the below modules. They are meant for getting data directly from the database into views.

Table Wizard

Data Model

If both of them doesn't suit your requirement then you could use the Views Custom Field write php code directly into the view and collect the required fields using database queries.

You could also do the direct query with in the views template files.

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