I'm using Better Exposed Filters on a clothing site. There are various types of products listed using Better Exposed Filters (to choose between Mens/Womens/Kids).

The Mens and Womens pages are variations on the same view.
The mens is at: /product-type/all?tid_3%5B%5D=1
The womens is at: /product-type/all?tid_3%5B%5D=2

This means that in each case the appropriate 'Better Exposed FIlter' checkbox is pre-selected.

The problem
Drupal treats both pages as the same address. Instead of making the "Womens" menu active items when on that page, it keeps the "Mens" menu item active.

How can I get around this, while ensuring that both "Mens" and "Womens" are the same view? I have already tried creating new URL aliases but Drupal does not allow me to do so for those URLS.

  • I am looking for something similar to this or maybe exactly the same thing. Have you looked in to "Contextual Filters" though? It would make your check-boxes somewhat unnecessary but would allow you to create separate path aliases that are clean urls. There's a ton of tutorials on it.
    – SDMulroy
    Dec 15 '14 at 17:46

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