I noticed that there is a variable $page in node.tpl.php and it is usually TRUE.
The node title is not displayed while it is TRUE, but in page.tpl.php, the node title has been displayed as a page title. The below is the code snippet from node.tpl.php of Bartik theme.

  <?php if (!$page): ?>
    <h2<?php print $title_attributes; ?>>
      <a href="<?php print $node_url; ?>"><?php print $title; ?></a>
  <?php endif; ?>

When the variable is FALSE, the node title in node.tpl.php will be displayed and it seems like duplicate title being displayed. I tried this:

function bartik_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  if ($variables['view_mode'] == 'full' && node_is_page($variables['node'])) {
    $variables['classes_array'][] = 'node-full';
  $variables['page'] = FALSE;

What is the purpose of this variable and when does it become FALSE?.


The variable $page is TRUE if the node is being shown in its own full page.

If the path is "node/34", $page is TRUE.
If the path is "taxonomy/term/5", $page is FALSE.

If the node is tagged to taxonomy term 5, it will also be displayed in node listing page at "taxonomy/term/5" in teaser by default. So you do need to add the title and attributes with a link to the node.

But in the full page, title is printed at the page.tpl.php level so you don't need to print it again.

The variable $teaser is usually the inverse of $page but you can pass $teaser and $page both FALSE by making a View on content (not fields) to show full node.

Use $page to determine the path of the node. If it's already the node path, you don't have to make a link to node.

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That variable becomes false in:



$variables['page'] = $variables['view_mode'] == 'full' && node_is_page($node);

See also:


For the view_mode parameter used there.

The output of the node $title is controlled by page.tpl.php for the full page node view.

  • Thanks, David. It sounds like you only answered the second part of the question. – Sithu Jan 29 '13 at 3:46
  • The output of the node $title is controlled by page.tpl.php for the full page node view. – David Thomas Jan 29 '13 at 3:49

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