I'm using views-view-fields.tpl.php to theme the output of a content type.

What I need to do is the below, except I don't know how to get 'url_for_this_item' without either printing all the variables and referencing it in a long array lookup, ie like $fields[smth][ddd][0][44][ui][uri].

Is there a simple, clean way to get the url in the template? I have tried outputting a link but then views still insists on giving the full link with an closing tag on the end. Of course, I can parse this and remove the closing tag but it just seems too hacky. Is there not a better way?

print '<a href="' . $fields[url_for_this_item] . '">';
    print $fields['title']->content;
    print $fields['field_this']->content;
    print $fields['field_that']->content;
print '</a>';

I want to to get the url for

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    could you explain your content structure a bit. and what are all these fields? Commented Jan 29, 2013 at 16:37

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If I understood it right, you can simply add a new field in Views which holds the URL to the item. And then in the template file you can print this field as you described in you question.


use <?php print $fields['uri']->content; ?> to print the URL of the particular field. However this works when you have the File:path field added in your views

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