I was told that the latest dev version of MediaFront has support for the YouTube field module. How do you configure the fields and the modules so that the embedded YouTube video is displayed using the MediaFront player?

What I'm trying to do: I have a content type that allows for YouTube URLs to be copied in it creates a list of all the YouTube videos that were entered in that node. I want MediaFront to use that list of YouTube URLs in the MediaFront player.

Also in the read it says this:

 7. Change the Manage Display settings for Media link.

    Set up the fields in this order and with these settings:

    Field           Label       Format
    Body            Hidden      Default
    Media URL       Hidden      MediaFront Player

    In the Media URL player settings, set the MediaFront preset to
    nodeplayer. Hit Update. Hit save.

I cannot enable the MediaFront player for the textfield "Media URL".


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Edit your textfield (admin/structure/types/manage/media/fields/[YOUR_TEXT_FIELD]). Under the Mediafront settings Field type, set field type to 'Media' and Media Type to 'Media Content'.

You must create a mediafront preset (admin/structure/mediafront) before you can associate the textfield to mediafront player.

After your preset is setup, go to manage field of your content type (admin/structure/types/manage/[YOUR_CONTENT_TYPE]/display). For the testfield that stores your media url, set the Format to Mediafrontplayer and set set the player settings to the Mediafront preset that you created.

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