Here is what the bottom of my "leaflet" content type edit form (i.e. admin > structure > content types > leaflet > edit) looks like: Leaflet content type edit form

Here is what the bottom of my "testimony" content type edit form looks like: enter image description here

Note that there are no save/delete buttons! Another of my content types has also now picked up this bug. This just happened. I have no idea why. I can't save changes! I tried flushing all caches and it didn't help. I'm an administrator and I have permissions for everything.

Why would this have happened and what can I do? Drupal 7.19.

  • Try disabling Diff, i18n and other modules that might be altering this form (modules that likely adding new elements to this form). there could be a module altering the form improperly. – AyeshK Jan 29 '13 at 22:05

The problem was the i18n synchronize translations module. Disabling it fixed the problem. Of I have to immediately re-enable it afterwards since I actually use this module. So I filed an issue: http://drupal.org/node/2004260. Thanks to Ayesh K who gave me the idea in his comment on my question. Since it's not an answer I can't mark it correct, so I'm just answering here and will mark this correct.

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Looks like an odd one, some form_alter or theme issue.

If you try a good admin theme like

  • Tao ( base admin theme )
  • Rubik ( admin theme )

Download both, enable and set admin theme in

  • /admin/appearance
  • ADMINISTRATION THEME Choose "Default theme" to always use the same theme as the rest of the site. ( RUBIK )
  • Use the administration theme when editing or creating content ( CHECK )

The buttons should show up again

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Check in your content type, you probably selected require preview before publishing.

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