I’m setting up a dual language site (English default / Chinese, Simplified) where Taxonomy translation mode is “Localize”.

I modified the Taxonomy term in Views.

I get results with preview in both default and translated language.

In page views, English is okay. However, Chinese page return “Page not found”.

I have tried Content: Has taxonomy term ID (translated) & Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth, translated) and a different validator "Taxonomy term (i18n)".

What did I missed? Please enlighten.


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Did you set a chinese alias for your view page ?
Eg.: your view has an alias set to "my-listing" for the "EN" language.
=> Try to set a chinese alias corresponding to "my-listing" alias, but for chinese...

  • I didn't because it's already been handled by i18n views. No? My example.com/tags/abc shows my nodes. example.com/zh-hans/tags/abc shows "Page not found". Alternatively, I'll have to create /tags/abc alias to zh-hans/tags/abc. Having a long list of terms, this may not be feasible. I don't think pathauto can accept wildcard.
    – Jessica K
    Feb 2, 2013 at 13:30

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