In Aegir, I add a platform with a buildfile:

core = 7.x
api = 2
projects[] = drupal
projects[profiler_drupal_base][type] = "profile"
projects[profiler_drupal_base][download][type] = "git"
projects[profiler_drupal_base][download][url] = "git@bitbucket.org:joachimroeleveld/profiler_drupal_base.git"
projects[profiler_drupal_base][download][branch] = "master"

I made an install profile which I pushed to the my public repository containing a .info, .make and .profile file (and the .build file so Aegir can read it).

After a bunch of tasks Aegir succeeded running (including downloading Drupal; the first step of the build file), I get this erors:

Unable to clone profiler_drupal_base from git@bitbucket.org:joachimroeleveld/profiler_drupal_base.git.
Could not download platform using drush make. No platform present

Is something wrong with the structure of my repo?

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The solution for me was to use the HTTPS-link instead of the SSL-link.

projects[drupal_development_base][type] = "profile"
projects[drupal_development_base][download][type] = "git"
projects[drupal_development_base][download][url] = "https://joachimroeleveld@bitbucket.org/joachimroeleveld/drupal_development_base.git"
projects[drupal_development_base][download][branch] = "master"

Try to change the line for repository URL like this:

projects[profiler_drupal_base][download][url] = "git://bitbucket.org:joachimroeleveld/profiler_drupal_base.git"

I was having the same problem with a theme I have on bitbucket. Got it to work this way:

  • Log into but bitbucket and navigate to the repository you're downloading.
  • Navigate to Downloads>Repositories. Right click on the 'gz' link next to the branch you need and copy the link.
  • Paste this into your make file:

    projects[dws2012][type] = "profile"  
    projects[dws2012][download][type] = "file"  
    projects[dws2012][download][url] = "https://bitbucket.org/joachimroeleveld/profiler_drupal_base/get/master.tar.gz"
  • Thanks for your answer. The solution for me was however to use the https link.
    – user6503
    Feb 24, 2013 at 9:08

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