I have my main plain html site in root folder and drupal site in sub site folder. Now I am wanting to create multisites and wonder if sub sites can reside in drupal sub site sites folder?

www.subdrupal.mainsite.com/subdrupal/sites/sub2drupal etc.

Or must I start again as it can only be www.subdrupal.mainsite.com/sites/subdrupal ?


Good question. It is possible to run drupal multisites as a subdirectory even if your Drupal installation is in a subdirectory itself.

Side note: the /sites/ directory in your examples is not necessary.

Given that your main Drupal install is accesible at domain.com/drupal the solution is to use symlinks to tell your webserver that the document root for domain.com/drupal/multisite is the same as your main drupal install (domain.com/drupal).

  1. The first step is to create a directory for the multisite. The syntax is a little different for subdirectory multisites: domain.com.multisite. So, inside your /sites directory, you will have something like this:


  2. Place a copy of default.settings.php in domains.com.multisite and rename it to settings.php.

  3. Then create the symlink described above by running the following command from your main website's docroot (not Drupal's docroot, the main website's docroot - usually public_html or something similar):

    ln -s [drupal-directory-name] [multisite-directory-name]

Or, using the names in our example above:

ln -s drupal multisite

See Drupal's multisite documentation for more information.

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  • Wonderful! Very succinct answer, I had read about it since posting this and what you describe is exactly what I've read except more to the point. :) – cea Feb 19 '13 at 1:09
  • Hi again, have quick question, if drupal is in domain.com/drupal but is pointing to drupal.domain.com then could not other subs go in same html folder as drupal? so var/www/html/drupal, drupal2 and so on? creating the symlink from within same folder rather than places other subsites in drupal/sites/domain.com.sub (which would really be drupal/sites/sub.domain.com. Sorry to bother.. – cea Mar 7 '13 at 6:08

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