I want to programmatically do two things:

  1. Replace the default multiline Description field of taxonomy term with my own, plain text, single line field. I mean - to visually replace - I understand this is an entity property and all I can do is to hide it and create another, plain text field.

  2. Populate the vocabulary through taxonomy_term_save() - putting the description strings into the newly created field.

Would anyone be kind and provide a skeleton of code to achieve it?

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This is really two questions.

For the first, I would use hook_taxonomy_term_view to alter $build['description']['#markup'], like so:

function custom_taxonomy_term_view_alter(&$build) {
  $build['description']['#markup'] .= '<p> And this is more stuff.<p>';

For the second, taxonomy_term_save() can take a description field as described on the API docs page.

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