I am planning to create a module that would use a system account similar to the Community user seen on Stack Exchange sites. As the system account would have permissions that normal users don't have, I would like to avoid somebody logs in with that account, and get permissions that a site maintainer would have.

Is using drupal_random_bytes() to create a password a good method, or is it too excessive, and I should use a different method? In any case, I was thinking of periodically changing the password; I guess this means I could use a faster way to generate the password, as long as the password is still random, and with at least X characters.


As you probably know, another option is to use user_password() to get the password string.

When Drupal hashes it, e.g during user_save(), with user_hash_password(), drupal_random_bytes() is used as part of the _password_generate_salt() calculation.

Just thought it worth mentioning.

You may also be interested in preventing login through the UI by that account with a user_login validation handler.

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