I've created a display called 'stats' for some views I've created - its cached and its generic and its quick and I use it for things like this

$result = views_get_view_result($view_name,'stats'); 
$count = count($result);
if ($count) $variables['title'] .= ' ('.$count.')';

However, not all views have this display. How can I check, in php, if a given view has a display called 'stats' ?

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Off the cuff, this should work:

$view = views_get_view($view_name);
if ($view && $view->access('stats')) {
  // it has a 'stats' display
  return $view->result; // or do whatever with it...

but realize at this point you're halfway through the 'heavy lifting' views does, so you should probably use $view inside that if instead of then calling views_get_view_result()

ADDITION: I added what I think the correct $view incantations should be for getting just the results above :)


First make a views_get_view($view_name); it will give you the $view object, which I'm sure will tell you which display it has. Then you'll be able to if().

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