I have a simple content type in Drupal 7 with title and body (and other fields). I've defined a view with exposed filters.

I want just one text field that searches in title or body. So, if I search for 'foo' both nodes with 'foo' in their body or/and title will be matched.

One solution is to use "Global: Combine fields filter" and combine title and body, but Views then uses a CONCAT function in where clausule, something bad for performance.

I've a solution, but there're drawbacks and I'm not sure if it's optimal.

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Using Vies or/and funcionality I set (using more fields not related to this question):

filed1 AND field2 AND ... fieldN AND title OR body

title is not expsed, but body is.

My solution is to implement hook_views_pre_build(&$view).

if ($view->name == 'my-view') {
  // Look for the search string, is it present?
  if (!empty($_GET['search'])) {
    $view->filter['title']->value = check_plain($_GET['search']);

I've renamed body key in GET to be search.

This way search is performed as I want. The drawback is I can't position search element anywhere becasue it must be in its own group, but I can live with it.

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