I'm trying to get any of the mp3 players in the SWF tools to work they all say (under /admin/settings/swftools/handling):

JW player: Missing flash_media_player/player-viral.swf
1 pixel out: Missing 1pixelout/player.swf
etc. for the other players...

I followed the download link and tried putting the downloads under /SwfTools/Shared -- and in the players direct folder e.x. /sites/all/libraries/mediaplayer4/player.swf. But, the missing file warning isn't going away which is preventing me from being able to activate any of the mp3 players. I just wanna get these media players working. Anyone come across this situation? Thank you.

  • Problems related to a specific module should be placed in the module's issue queue – Laxman13 Jun 28 '11 at 18:48

Figured it out. As you said chellman the version matter greatly. I had to go under: /admin/settings/swftools/flowplayer3 and under plugins I had to change the Player File from the default to flowplayer-3.0.7.swf. Than you have to manually create the directory /sites/all/modules/swftools/shared/"flowplayer3" where you add the plugin. So, there it is!


Assuming you're using Drupal 6, since there's no stable release of swftools for D7 yet. The version of swftools you're using matters greatly here. Here's the documentation. The summary is that swftools 2 used the swftools module folder (which is usually in sites/all/modules), while swftools 3 uses sites/all/libraries.

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