I have a view to list the Voucher content type. I added a filter: Configure filter criterion: Content: Voucher codes (field_voucher_code) NOT EMPTY.

The idea is to show the node only if its field field_voucher_code is not empty

The field_voucher_code is field which has set the Number of values to 10 at admin/structure/types/manage/vouchers/fields/field_voucher_code

The problem is that the view is duplicating each as many time as values has in its field field_voucher_code.

How can I eliminate the duplicates?

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You can do this by enabling Aggregation or set distinct in Query settings

  1. Go to your View->Advanced->Use Aggregation -> set YES
  2. Next in your field filter criteria chose - Count DISTINCT

One more way - 1. Go to your View->Advanced->Query Settings -> check DISTINCT

  • Aggregation didn't work, but I get it working fine withView->Advanced->Query Settings -> check DISTINCT. Thanks
    – chefnelone
    Feb 7, 2013 at 18:16

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