I am a programmer, I primarily program in java, but I am now working with drupal. drupal uses html and css for most of its design, from blocks to views. but I have discovered that it is much harder to create things that are dynamically designed. what I am used to is designing things in android programming where you use XML to design the layout, and java to control it. is there any way to do this in drupal (using a module or something of the sort that will allow me to create things like blocks using java or even javascript, or something similar). also, is there a way to develop my own modules using java, or can I only do it in PHP?


Drupal is a PHP web framework. The tools that is uses are those of the web. If you are trying to implement something with XML and Java you are not really using Drupal. There are skills that you have to learn in order to create web pages which are different from those on a phone.

Having said that. I believe that there are some Android front ends for Drupal. That may be a good starting point for you.


For certain applications, such as computations and interactive visualization of secure data, java is one of the only viable solutions. I use it to visualize secured datasets over public Internet connections via a Drupal Services based API. The java applet is passed the API end-point at launch, and communications with the applet take place RESTfully over https.

Any dataset visualized in most web technologies can have their data scrapped off the page; but not in a java applet. It is easy to imagine situations where this is useful: banking, market research, product designs, legal contracts and agreements, any secured data, really.


Look at web services. Write your web service in Java and then write a Drupal module to consume/interact with it.

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    While that is correct, it only makes sense to use existing services or to process large amounts of data outside of Drupal. You'd still have to use HTML/CSS to create your layout. – Berdir Jun 28 '11 at 14:19

You can use headless Drupal as backend and like Jeremy French said, use Android as front end. Here is a Drupal 8 Android app https://github.com/onedrupal/One-Drupal-Android


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