I've been working with the book module bundled with drupal 7 and have a question. Say i have a book x, and this book contains 4 pages which each have 2 children giving a structure like this:

  • Book x
    • Subheading 1
      • Page 1
      • Page 2
    • Subheading 2
      • Page 1
      • Page 2
    • Subheading 3
      • Page 1
      • Page 2
    • Subheading 4
      • Page 1
      • Page 2

What I want to do is create a menu that will sit at the bottom of the page which displays links based on these 4 subheadings, i.e. if you were viewing Subheading 1 the menu would display links to the 2 child pages of the subheading. Is this possible?

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I figured out my issue, turns out my theme_menu_link function was hiding the book menu block. Once I realised this I placed the block alongside my main menu on the block pages, and used my theme_menu_link to style it.

  • By block do you mean the book navigation block provided by the core book module?
    – AjitS
    Feb 19, 2013 at 14:22
  • yes, if you set it to only show on book pages it creates the tree of book items; perfect for what I was doing.
    – ghost1990
    Feb 19, 2013 at 14:35

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