I have a taxonomy with some terms and subterms and a content type Product, for example:

  • Term1
    • Subterm1A
      • Subterm11
    • Subterm1B
  • Term2
    • Subterm2A
    • Subterm2B
    • Subterm2C
  • Term3
    • Subterm3A
    • Subterm3B

Products can be assigned in every level of the taxonomy (terms, subterms, etc.). If I enter in the Term1 page, I'd like to display a list of the subterms and also the list of Products assigned to Term1 (subterms and Products are at the same level). How can I achieve this?

Thanks a lot!

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You can use the Views module. Views provides a view by default that overrides the taxonomy term paths. Enable this view (or clone the view if you anticipate making a lot of changes and want to reference the original; then enable the clone).

Then edit the view by adding the relationship Taxonomy term: Content using Name_of_my_vocabulary. You will then be able to add the fields from the product nodes that you want.

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