I want to create a view for each individual user of my site which would display the content create by that logged in user only, i.e, When a user logs in, then when he clicks a tab (i am using quicktab here) a view appears which shows all the content that this user only has created. I do not want to show this user content created by others. Is there any efficient way to do so. I am using Views3.

Thanks for your time


Yes, the easiest way to list content created by user is with Views.

Basically, create your view, with the relevant filters for content type, fields etc..

Then add a contextual filter for current user.

  • Click "Advanced" > "Contextual Filters"
  • "Add" > "Content: Author uid"
  • "Provide default value" > "User ID from logged in user"
  • Save

User ID contextual filter

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    @David...Thanks...i also figured it out...thanks for the quick and prompt reply...appreciate it – why Feb 11 '13 at 4:23

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