I have content type that links to several other content types

Report -> Plot -> Dataset -> Citation (biblio).

This type has a conditional field which selectively links to to possibilities each with field collections and entity references.

I want to show information from each of these together. These are the options I'm considering:

1) I can do this with views. It turns out that the 'table' type (a $rows array makes it easy than inspecting the $views object) and several relations can put something that works together. The query is quite big with at least 10 LEFT JOINs, and it does seem a bit kludgy (I have to modify the 'tables' template and strip out the html and a lot of the class info. The solution I want isn't a table, and I'm not sure this is the best way.)

2) I could skip views and develop my own module/block use db_select(). This would allow me to simplify the query with a UNION. But I have to so a lot more work on my own when views does a lot of the work for me.

3) I could skip views, develop my own module/block use a smaller query and with enough entity_loads and node_loads I can get all the info I need. The problem having so many 'mini-queries' with all the node-loads seems like an inefficient way of doing things..

What is the recommended solution for something like this?


  • I should note that I don't think these relations can be simplified any further because each is in a many-to-many relation (or at least 1-to-many). – Joe Feb 11 '13 at 9:10

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