Under the Tag field on the Add View Page is such note:

Enter an optional tag for this view; it is used only to help sort views on the administrative page.

But I also noticed that when I fill this field out another template becomes available with tagname in it's name. I should say that that might be quite handy in my case, when I kinda need to narrow the hit to specific views only. Can I perhaps use this feature to granulate templates for the views?

Any other usage case for the Tag field?

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To me, the tag field is handy for sites that have a lot of views.Different views have different purposes; for instance admin/editor tasks, front end pages and blocks, or as source for node reference fields. If you tag your views consistently, it's easier to find a view when you need to edit it.


Except for obvious sorting and organization purposes, Tag field is also used in views Theme Information as suggestion template. For example Views tagged with "MYTAG" will use this template - views-view-unformatted--MYTAG.tpl.php. This is very usefull when u have multiple different but similar views that u want would use same template file.

See Comments at: http://greenash.net.au/thoughts/2014/04/sharing-templates-between-multiple-drupal-views

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