I need to display a node as a block, so I went with the most obvious way and created a view with a display block and this very node in it. But now I need to style it and I can't pick up the proper template. block-views.tpl.php looked great, but being in this template I do not seem to have access to view's variables anymore, have I? Basically I need a place where I could have access to view's variables and control over the look of the block. If I could just pass variables up the chain, that would be great...


Nodes In Block or Node Block can help to place nodes in blocks.

The other part, to theme that particular node can achieved by different scope of templates from general to specific node templates. e.g.

  • node.tpl.php
  • node-[type].tpl.php
  • node-[nid].tpl.php
  • That is not that flexible, but it works. Thanks :)
    – jayarjo
    Jul 5 '11 at 6:36

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