I have a issue trying to activate REST SERVER from services. I need to add this library. I'm using drupal 7.19 on Ubuntu.

Reading this question, I add the spyc.php in 'servers/rest_server/lib/'

But where I must place the rest of files?

Reading the issue, #2 suggest that the best solution will be allow to place the library on 'sites/all/libraries', this doesn't work in my version.


The problem was I hadn't the dependency libraries . Just downloading this module, updating, and adding the spyc.php in 'servers/rest_server/lib/' Rest server will work.

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I placed the spyc.php file in /sites/all/libraries/spyc/ and it works.

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You have to place it in sites/all/libraries/spyc folder.

For example, download Spyc.php by the following drush (>7.x) one-liner:

drush --no-core -y make <(printf "core = 7.x\nlibraries[spyc][directory_name] = spyc\nlibraries[spyc][download][type] = file\nlibraries[spyc][type] = library\nlibraries[spyc][download][url] = https://raw.github.com/mustangostang/spyc/master/Spyc.php")

or manually:

mkdir sites/all/libraries/spyc
wget -P sites/all/libraries/spyc https://raw.github.com/mustangostang/spyc/master/Spyc.php
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